How to use?

Load round

This is the first activity that pops up when the app is opened.

Shows a list of rounds you have saved. The scorecard or target icon allows to differentiate between scorecard and target rounds. Tapping on a list item loads the round. Doing a long click (holding the finger on the item for a second) on a item opens a context menu that gives the options for deleting the round or viewing extra information about it.

Load round menu

Search – filter your saved rounds by name.

Add new round (with ‘+’ icon) – Redirects to the New round activity.

General settings – Change preferences like precision panel zoom level.

Delete all – allows to delete all your saved rounds. Also shows a confirmation dialog in case you clicked it by accident.

Remove ads – purchase the one-time upgrade though Google Play’s in-app billing that removes all the ads from the app.

New round

Type dropdown list – Choose what type of round will be created. Option “Target” creates a round where you can mark your shots onto a virtual target. Option “Scorecard” on the other hand signifies a round where you can mark your points straight onto a scorecard without having to place shot locations onto a virtual target face.

Round dropdown list – Allows you to select between built-in presets, your own created templates or the custom round option. If you don’t find the round you would like to use from the templates, choose Custom and create it yourself. It can also be saved as a template so that it would be available in the spinner next time you need it.

Round name textbox – Give the round a name to make it easier to find from the Load round screen. You must write something here but it does not need to be unique.

Built in presets also allow a bit customization:

  • You can choose how many arrows you want to shoot per end. For a FITA distance the total number of shots per distance is fixed at 36. If you choose to shoot 6 shots per end gives 6 ends. Choosing 3 gives a total of 12 ends. Thus only values that 36 divides with are allowed.  For example it is not possible to choose 5.
  • Draw target until allows to make a until 6 target that is used on the 30m distance for example. This means that only 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, x rings will be drawn. Also any shots that are outside the 6 ring will give zero points. Possible values are 1 to 9 (both included). 1 means that the entire target will be drawn.
  • For 2x18m round there’s also the choice for compound indoor scoring. This alters the scoring in a way that only the X ring will give 10 points and 10 ring gives 9 points. 9 is still 9, 8 is 8 and so on.

Custom round option gives the following choices:

  • Name – the name of the distance (e.g 70 metres). Must write something there.
  • Target type – choose between FITA and FITA field target.
  • Target size – the diameter of the target in centimetres (cm). Not only for your own information – this will be used to scale the size of the shot marks on the target. If you leave it blank the default value of 100 cm will be used.
  • End count and shots per end – should be self explanatory. Enter 0 into end count to get unlimited ends. Shots per end must be filled though.
  • Draw target until  – This option is only available for the FITA target. Allows to make a until 6 target that is used on the 30m distance for example. This means that only 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, x rings will be drawn. Also any shots that are outside the 6 ring will give zero points. Possible values are 1 to 9 (both included). 1 means that the entire target will be drawn.
  • Compound indoor scoring – Only available for the FITA target. This alters the scoring in a way that only the X ring will give 10 points and 10 ring gives 9 points. 9 is still 9, 8 is 8 and so on.

Tapping on the add another button with the green plus adds a new blank distance to your custom round. The red minus button allows removing the distance from the round. Tapping on round arrow button on the top left hides the configuration of the distance. This allows to remove already correctly set-up distances from view and to save space on screen. Tapping on the button again makes all the previously hidden data visible again.

Tapping on the GO button at the bottom saves the round to database and redirects to target view where you can start marking your shots. Be aware that if you want to save the round as a template, you have to do it before touching the GO button. See the menu section below for more information.

New round menu

Save as template – Save the current custom round as a template so that it could be selected from the Round menu next time. If you tap it, a dialog will appear where you must specify a name for the template. The template name has to be unique.

Delete this template – Deletes the currently selected user-made template. It is currently not possible to delete a built-in template.

Editing templates is not possible at the moment. If you need to make changes to a template, save it with a different name (add a number for example) and delete the previous template.

Target view

Contains the virtual target at the top and the scorecard at the bottom. Tap on the target to mark a shot to that location. By holding a finger on the screen for one second, a panel will appear in the top left corner and allow precisely positioning the shot around that point. Sliding the finger (without lifting off the screen) allows to move the green mark and when a desired position is achieved, just lift the finger and the shot will be added.

If a mistake was made with marking, it is possible to correct the position of the shot. First select the score of the shot on the scorecard. The location of that arrow on the target will also start flashing. Then select a new position for that shot on the target. Doing a long click on the score deletes it.
The target view also supports zooming (two finger pinch gesture) and moving by dragging. It is also possible to switch between distances by flinging the target off screen (just like the Android gallery app).

There’s a small button between the target and scorecard that allows changing their proportions. Just drag it up or down in portrait or left-right in landscape mode.

Target view menu

Select distance – Allows to switch between distances.

Save as image – Saves the target of the current distance as an image into external storage (SD card) folder /ScoringHelper/. Default image dimensions are 1500 x 1500 pixels. It is possible to change the dimensions from the General settings accessible through the Start screen menu. Setting it too big will make saving images fail because of the limited amount of memory available for each Android app.

View filters – Choose which ends or shots will be visible on the target. An “F” icon will appear at the top left corner if any view filters are active. Tapping on it will bring up the choices for the active filter. Long clicking on the “F” will disable all filters.

Distance settings – Change the arrow size for the current distance. This value and target size affect the size of the shot marks on the target. Also, be aware that changing it may also alter the scores of liner-arrows.

Statistics – Show the average shot and average end. Also shows the count of x’s, tens, nines etc.

Show center – A green cross appears on the target that shows the center of grouping.

General settings

Default arrow diameter – changes the size of the shot markers in round of type “Target”. The shot markers are automatically scaled based on the target size and this value. Is measured in centimeters. Using a realistic value might make the shot markers too small for comfortable use. Up to you to decide what value works best here. 🙂 Note: This is the value that new rounds will be created with. Each already created round has a separate setting in it’s Settings for changing the arrow diameter.

Precision panel zoom – Changes the zoom level of the small panel that pops up when holding the finger on the target face.

Precision panel movement speed – Changes how quickly the shot marker moves when dragging the finger.

Use light theme – Inverts the colors in Target and Scorecard rounds. Might make visibility better in bright sunlight.

‘Save as image’ width – Changes the size (in pixels) of the image that gets saved when a virtual scorecard is exported. Larger numbers give better visual quality but might be too resource-intensive for the device to handle.

Use alternate scorecard round keyboard – Use ONLY when the numbers are not visible on Scorecard round keyboards.

Export database – Writes the database with your rounds and templates into device’s storage (SD card) folder /Documents/ScoringHelper/. Useful for making a backup of your results or when migrating onto a new phone.

Import database – Reads the database file from device’s storage folder /Documents/ScoringHelper/ and overwrites current database. The file must be named archery.userdata or the app will not find it.


42 comments on “How to use?

  1. Great program! The best I have used. Rate 5 stars.
    Suggestions: round to one decimal figure in the statistics (makes no sense 7.666666); although useful, I sometimes find annoying to write a name for each round (leave by default the date, for example); I have to slide the finger a lot to change from the screen 18(1) to 18(2) and viceversa

    • Ok, I agree with the first 2 suggestions and will make the changes in the next update.
      I don’t completely understand what you mean with “having to slide the finger a lot” though. Could you clarify it a bit?

  2. Siimav,

    I was wondering if you know of anyone that adapted your app to 3D scoring and if you have any plans to add this functionality to this app?

    • Hi,
      No one other than me can modify the app because it is not open source. Currently it only supports circular scoring zones so adapting it to 3D archery is too much work. Sorry, but I think 3D scoring will never be implemented into the app.
      I think there are other apps on the market for 3D archery though.

      • Siimav,

        If you allow the 3D scoring styles (ASA, IBO) in the “scorecard” that will be a great feature even if not supported in the “target” mode.


  3. excelente aplicacion pero hay problemas con htc one x, no aparece “boton menu” por lo que no es posible usarla, alguna solucion?

  4. I really like your app, seems to be the best out there so far. Is there any plans on including NFAA (National Field Archery Association) target? I know the five-spot might be a little difficult but it would really be nice to have the single-spot target. Thanks again!

    • I could add the target face that is shown in this image:
      Only the blue “X” symbol in the center cannot be added, though the inner white ring would still count as an X.
      Five spot targets cannot be currently added because having multiple target faces on screen at the same time is not supported. There’s probably no point in adding only one spot from the 5-spot target and letting users score 5 shots into the same one.
      Oh, and what are missed shots called? “M”, “0” or … ?

      • A missed shot is counted as “0”. Having the single spot NFAA target would make your app perfect for our family. Thank you so much for your help.

  5. This is one of the best free archery scoring apps I’ve found. I have 2 requests though:

    Please change the FITA rounds to draw targets all the way out to the 1 ring (I need all the points I can get)
    It would be great to be able to store sight marks in ScoringHelper

    • There’s already an option for that. When creating a new round, each distance has a “Draw target until…” input. In 50m distance, the default is a until 5 target and for 30m it’s until 6. You can change both to 1 to make the all the rings visible.

      • Is there a way to change the default or do I need to remember to change it every time when I use the built in FITA rounds? I have already defined my own FITA round as a replacement. It seems a shame to duplicate the whole round because I don’t like the default settings.

  6. Hello Siimav,

    I like your app very much for shooting with several people at once. Others don’t have to wait as long as writing and adding would take. I now use a Samsung Note 10.1 and that shows 4 scores at once which is great! Would it be possible to color the buttons the way the target is colored? (X, 10,9 YELLOW; 8,9 RED etc) This would help very much in speed and less mistakes. Will there ever be a way to print score tabels? Could you make an option to e-mail scores or tabels? Why is there no SHOOTER NAME when I have a single score/archer? I don’t mind paying for this app without adds and some of the functions above. Thanks for this great app. Regards, Theo

    • Hi,

      Changing the color of individual keys cannot be done without doing a fully custom keyboard implementation. That is probably more work than it’s worth.
      What do you mean by ‘printing score tables’ ? At the moment it is possible to export the tables onto the device’s external storage as an excel file. Sending the results by email is planned but I probably won’t be able to fit it into the next update.
      I can add the shooter name when there’s one selected for a distance. It kind of makes sense actually.
      A paid version cannot be done before Google makes it possible in my country.

  7. Hello,

    I mean a ready to print version of a scoring sheet. Maybe it’s possible to add lines in the excel file you can export to so it’s ready to print if someone wants a hardcopy. Sorry to hear that the buttons are hard to change into colour. I think it’s more convient but I cannot see how much work it is. I wish I could program but I’m more into graphics/photography. LOL Thanks for your answers. Cheers, Theo

  8. Great program! I generally use target rather than scorecard mode and the only thing I’d like to modify is to have the statistics just under the scoreboard of each round. Thanks so much. Ciao

  9. Hi!
    I’ve recently installer the app, and I can’t find the excel sheet, nor the image file, nor the exported db. Where can I find ir?

      • Hi!
        I have found the folder at my Internal Storage, not in my SD card. Anyways, it doesnt matter how much i try to export it as sheet, image or db, it just dont! I have tried at least 10 times… dont know whats happening!

      • Sometimes it gets to show the files at … Internal Storage > ScoringHelper, but its just about luck, I can’t tell for sure when will they be available…

        Anyways, it’s a great app! I am enjoyng it a lot!

  10. Hi there!

    Is it possible to add a undo feature? Sometimes when using the “round with target” I misplace the shot or touch it by mistake.

    Also, I noticed something weird. When I ask it to draw a 5 ring (10 to 6) target with 20cm and a 10 ring (10 to 1) target with 40cm, it gets me rings with different sizes between targets, while using the same arrow size. I mean the 10 ring target ends up much bigger than the 5 ring one. I don’t get it. Why is that?

    Thanks mate!

  11. The images are unfortunately password-protected.
    I can’t replicate the issue though. Could you double check the target size and arrow size values? Arrow size can also be set individually for each round and distance. Maybe it somehow got different values for your 2 distances? The values could be seen when you select the round in the Load list and select Details from the more options menu (three vertical dots icon in the picture).

  12. Apparentçy the arrows sizes werent the issue.

    I’ve got no ideia why is it like this… Anyways, it really doesn’t matter, as I use it consciously. The app is just great!

  13. Hi siimav!

    This is a really great app! I use it to score and track the scores in a weekly youth archery program. Its very useful to be able to keep track of multiple archers at once and save the results to an Excel file that I can use to compile progress reports for them.

    I was playing around with the most recent update, and there were a couple things that I thought might be useful to have:

    1) When scoring on the target face mode, it’s a little hard to read the black text against the new NFAA targets. Would it be possible to allow the text color to be changed?

    2) When looking at the details of a round that has multiple shooters and distances, I can’t find what each shooter’s total score is. It currently shows the individual distance scores for each shooter, as well as a combined score for all of the shooters. It would be nice to have a total across all distances for each shooter.


  14. Hello,
    first, thank you for this great tool!
    I do have two Improvement Ideas:

    1) Undo Button:
    I know about the undo option, but it is hard to find, not easy and fast to hit on a small phone. I think, an own undo button, just removing the last shot would help.

    2) Synchronize Data:
    I use my phone to enter the data. But at home, I would like to use my bigger tablet for analysing the results.
    I know about db export and Excel export, but isn’t there a simple solution, to get one result from the phone to the tabler?


  15. The app is just what I’m looking for but I need it to score National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) rounds. Is this something that can be added in later updates. Thanks.

  16. To score my daughter’s NASP rounds I set up a new template. You can put the 10m and 15m rounds in it and use the FITA target type with a target size of 80.0. It works perfectly for us.

  17. Hi there,
    is it possible to display shots by color? As a new filter or display.
    e.g., 1st shot will be orange, 2nd shot green, and 3rd shot purple; I think you might need to use a circle with fill and line (perimeter).
    Thank you very much!

  18. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a kind of forecast?
    So if you enter your data, the app automatically calculates your average points per shot and also tells you the estimated points if you continue this way? I mean, that would be 2 numbers, shouldn’t wast too much space.

    • Well it wouldn’t be hard to implement but I’m not so sure about the usefulness of that. When competing, most of the people probably do not want to see the estimation of the result. 🙂 And I currently have no idea where to add it in the user interface.

      I’ll probably add shot coloring though in the next bigger update. But before doing that the results part below the target needs to be reworked to be similar to scorecard rounds. And that part is a lot of work.

  19. I love how simple this is to use. However, on custom mode, the x spot records a value of 5 and I need to change it to a 10. How do I do this. I am trying to create a NFAA 20 yard indoor round with a 40 cm target.

  20. I totally love this app. The visual scoring is awesome. It would be awesome if you could add a way to apply some analytics to the stored scores. Things like % of each shot score. A graph of each score with respect to date. And other things that would help an archer track his/her progress.

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