* Choose between placing your shots onto a virtual target face or just marking onto a scorecard
* Support for FITA, FITA field, Imperial and NFAA target faces
* Multi-archer support
* Create custom rounds – add multiple distances where each of them may have a different number of ends and shots per end
* Multitouch support – use the pinch gesture to zoom; drag to move and fling to move to next distance or archer
* Place shots accurately by holding a finger on screen for a second and then sliding
* Round statistics – show average shot, average end, count of x’s, tens etc
* Show the center of grouping
* Supports view filters – for example view only the first shot for each end
* Add notes to rounds about weather, sight positions or anything you find relevant
* Lock rounds to prevent further editing
* Save target face with shots as an image
* Save scorecard as an excel workbook
* Send saved images or excel spreadsheets to Google Drive, to Facebook or by email
* Saved rounds are automatically backed up to your Google account. Also supports manual import and export to device storage.


20 comments on “Features

  1. Hi. Great App. I like it really.
    Is there an option in future planned to use it with multiple users on one android-device?
    I am using a tablet pc with your app and it would be wonderfull to collect the point from me and my friends on it 🙂

    • Hi,

      It is planned but I have no idea when it will be implemented, as it is a lot of work. Now that i have gotten more than 1 request, I think I’ll move it a bit forward in my priority list. 🙂

      • Hey siimav.
        This sounds very good.
        I will wait for the pay-version of your app and buy it (when it is multi-user ready).
        Please do me a favor: take all the time you need and make it great like now. We don’t need 1000 features when they are not working 😉

        btw: sorry for my bad english – I am a german-boy.

      • I think there won’t be a paid version (without ads and/or with extra features) anytime soon. Google does not support selling apps in my country. Only purchasing is allowed at the moment. As usual, Google does not provide any estimates but I think we have a pretty low priority. 😦

  2. Loving this app. For my use its perfect. Just missing one thing. 3 circle target. Does this do multiple players? At the same time??

    • Yes, triple target face is missing at the moment. I think I will implement it for the next indoor season. It is kind of tricky to do because the app supports only circular scoring zones and having three target faces on screen at the same time requires making some workarounds.
      Meanwhile you should “emulate” triple target face by marking the shots always in the same order (fore example upper first, middle second and bottom last) and using the view filter to show only shots number 1, 2 or 3. Yes, I know it is a lot more work than it should be. 🙂

      Multiple archers are already supported in the development version (look here: http://wp.me/p1TLDA-1d). It does not yet work well for scorecard type rounds but should be OK for target type rounds.

  3. ok I downloaded it. and installed Now when I attempt to start a saved template. It force closes. any ideas?

  4. I gotta say buddy Not bad… NOT BAD AT ALL !!!!!!! this app will work perfectly for what i need. !!!! Unfortunately, I used it this weekend, and i thought i was a better shot then i actually am… time to improve my aim !!! 🙂

  5. Would love the statistics bit to be included on the excel spreadsheet… super app – thanks for sharing

  6. Lovin this App… !!!! i when using more then one Archer and the target option.. our names appear on top of the Target. When using the scorecard Option, there are no names. Is it something im doing wrong?

    • Yes, if you update to the latest development version, archer names should be shown in scorecard type rounds too.

  7. I like it, thank vou! But… 🙂 Is possible to delete only one (ore more) saved round, and not the all only? Edit and delete saved archers? And i’d like a percent calculate cell.
    (It’s Google translate, excuse me.)

    • I guess you are using Android 2.2 or 2.3? In version 4.0 and newer, it is possible to select multiple rounds and delete or (un)lock them at the same time. It is shown on This picture. Deleting single rounds is still supported in older versions of Android. You can open a menu by holding your finger on the desired round for a second or two.
      Editing archers is not possible but deleting is. In the selection dialog, hold your finger on the archer name and a dialog will pop up.
      Not sure what a “percent calculate cell” is though…

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