* Fixed the ‘Select distance’ crash

* Fixed saving as image sometimes missing upper part of the image
* Added total points for each archer to round details
* Added archer names to Save as image dialog
* Fixed some crashes

* Fix an issue where custom round templates are not properly saved
* Fixed some crashes
* After a new template is added, automatically selects it

* From now on, only support Android version 4.0 or newer
* Round templates are now ordered alphabetically
* Built-in round templates can now be deleted
* Added confirmation when deleting a round template
* Allow empty distance names
* New round validation errors changed
* Improved edge scroll behaviour
* Fixed round list sometimes not updating when a new round was added
* Fixed a couple of in-app billing crashes
* Can no longer change arrow size for locked rounds
* Show warning about changing arrow size
* Round details shows [untitled] for rounds without name
* Round search now also finds by template name (currently only works for rounds created in 1.8)

* Added distance total to Statistics
* Active filter is no longer lost when changing orientation
* Tweaked filter dialog behaviour
* Scale and translate gestures now simultaneously supported
* Some changes to icons
* Fixed some crashes

* Fixed some crashes (including a severe one for 2.2)
* Fixed change not reflected immediately after changing arrow size
* Optimizations to icons

* Fixed some crashes associated with search and deleting rounds

* Entirely removed the first activity that used to pop up when starting the app and moved all functionality to Round List activity
* Added option to remove ads by purchasing the Premium upgrade
* Can now search rounds by name
* A couple of optimizations for large-screen devices

* Fixed statistics “0” scores
* Fixed Android 2.2 crash
* Fixed a couple of other rare crashes

* Target round uses the same style scorecard as Scorecard round
* In Target round, the proportions of target and scorecard can be changed by dragging
* Scorecard springs back sooner when scrolled outside the bounds
* Added option to show shot numbers in scorecard with corresponding color
* FITA target is now using proper colors, some other small changes to target faces
* Made scorecard cells 10% smaller
* Renamed “FITA” round to “1440 Round”
* Fixed saved images and spreadsheets not immediately showing up in libraries
* Fixed overlapping distances in multiarcher rounds when they have different number of shots per end

* Fixed Scorecard mode shot selection bug in Android versions 3.0 to 4.2

* Fixed Target move speed scaling
* Fixed a bug in selecting scorecard shots

* Share images and spreadsheets to other apps or send them using email
* Your rounds and settings are now backed-up and restored using Android Backup Service
* Load round list now saves scroll state
* Importing database now restarts app to prevent caching
* Scorecard round optimizations

* Fixed target round dialogs crashing the app
* Fixed compound scoring in statistics
* Fixed multiarcher scorecard round tables intersecting when later distances have more shots per end than previous ones
* Fixed a rare occurrence of database being locked

* Added NFAA target face
* Added a new option for light theme
* Show center has 3 modes – Off, On, On (ignore missed shots)
* Added formatting to excel sheet. Can now add each archer on a separate sheet and choose table orientation.
* Added 2x25m and Combined FITA builtin round templates
* Fixed archer name not being shown when only 1 was selected
* Small optimizations and fixes

* Deleted archers no longer display “Unknown archer” in created rounds (this change is not retrospective!)
* Fixed crash in Android 3.0 and 3.1

* Updated menus for Android 3.0 and newer devices
* Added different keyboard layouts for imperial and field archery rounds
* Added option for different keyboard background into settings. Use when keys have white text on white background in scorecard rounds.
* Tweaked target round “show center” cross
* A lot of small optimizations and fixes

* Fixed scores randomly not saving in scorecard mode
* When deleting shots in scorecard mode, next ends are not shifted left

* Added option to lock rounds and prevent accidental editing
* Can now also delete shots in scorecard mode
* Optimized scorecard view to use hardware rendering on devices running Android 3.0+
* A couple of small bugs fixed

* Added action bar and made menu options visible for devices without dedicated menu button

* Fixed a few bugs
* Added a warning message when deleting archers

* Multiple archer support for both the scorecard and target round types
* Can now edit round and distance names of existing rounds
* Statistics values show only 2 decimal places
* Statistics now shows the total number of shots
* Name no longer required when creating a new round
* Flinging now decelerates faster
* In scorecard view, show keyboard if it was visible before rotating the screen or pausing the activity
* Saving a template now offers to overwrite a existing template when given the same name
* Forced hardware acceleration off because of a known android bug
* Added imperial target face
* Added 2x50m Compound round

* Fixed a critical bug where totals are calculated wrong when editing shots
* New round fixes

* View filter fixes
* New round bugfixes
* Scorecard threading fixes

* Fixed 2 bugs that could potentially cause crashes

* Fixed a problem with scorecard panning
* Scorecard below the target now scrolls properly again
* Added BugSense automatic error reporting

* Save scorecard as XML workbook (without formatting)
* Can now add notes in scorecard mode
* Added a more convenient way to view notes to round list
* Next and previous buttons for round details
* Reworked scorecard sorting algorithm
* Added fling scroll and bounds check to scorecard
* Fixed a crash in target view when editing a shot in a particular order

* ‘Load round’ screen now shows the total points for each round (enclosed in brackets). When first starting the program after this update, it may take a while until all the totals are calculated for each round.
* Scorecard below the target now scrolls horizontally too. It is now possible to use ends that have more than 9 shots. Also made text slightly bigger to make the numbers easier to hit.
* Saving as image now shows a progress dialog. Also fixed a bug with sizes other than 1500.

* Fixed a problem where on some devices tapping on the target or scorecard would not be registered.
* Fixed a bug with saving as image and another 2 with target view

* Added regular scorecard mode where you can mark your scores without having to place shots onto target. This also supports scrolling and zooming.
* Reversed round loading screen sort order – newer are first
* Added preference for precision panel shot movement speed
* Made precision panel center on the current location

* Can now delete last shot by doing a long click on the score
* Can now delete entire end by doing a long click on the end total
* Hit counter in statistics now has sorting
* New view filter added: show only last end. If a new end is started, the previous one will disappear from the target after a few seconds.
* Fixed precision panel shot placement inconsistencies
* Fixed problems with target panel aspect ratios other than 1
* Fixed some bugs with view filters

* Tied precision panel movement speed to zoom
* Added option for compound triple target face scoring (X is 10 and 10 is 9) for indoor season
* Removed distance name from precision panel
* Fixed unlimited ends, view filters and some other bugs. Probably created some new ones too 🙂

* Added a textbox to distance settings where you can write your notes like sights, weather etc
* Fling scrolling for target view
* Fling target off the screen to change distance
* Small current distance name at the top of the target view
* Added default values when preferences opened for first time

* New launcher icon
* Filter by shot number – e.g. show only first shots for each end
* Added small ‘f’ icon to the corner when filters are active. Clicking it allows to edit last filter and long clicking removes all filters.
* Delete round templates option added to menu

* Fixed a problem with database. Users who installed 0.9.2 without using previous versions had a crash when clicking on “New round” or “Load round” button. These users should now clear all program data or just uninstall and reinstall the program.
* Locked the target view to portrait orientation
* Added preference for target view aspect ratio. This allows to make the target smaller and thus scorecard bigger. May be useful on 3:4 aspect ratio screens where the scorecard is too small.
* Made text bigger
* Some small fixes

* Can now add your own round templates – in New round screen set up everything as you like and then hit the “Save as template” option from menu.
* Added export/import messages
* Added preference for “Save as image” width
* Some small fixes

* Added settings for default arrow size and precision panel zoom
* Added target view filters – it is now possible to view only individual ends
* A small ad on statistics screen (the network permissions are because of that)
* Some other small fixes

* First published version


20 comments on “Changelog

  1. The new update looks really fine for me. Saving works good now. What I´m still missing is the possibility to enter the arrow numbers in order to find out the best ones for tournament. For
    example: take arrow number 7 and put it on the scoreboard into the 9, take arrow 1 into the 10.

    Greets and thank you for that nice app.

    • Isn’t marking onto target a better option for that? Besides seeing the scores, you could also view the positions of each arrow separately. Scores for the target aren’t sorted so if you insert your arrows in the same order each time, that should do the trick in my opinion.
      Or if I misunderstood you, could you please be more specific about what you would like to see added and how it should work.

      • What I mean is, I have numbered my shafts from 1 to 12. Now I shoot six arrows, let´s say no. 3, 6, 8, 11, 4 and 2. And what I would like to have is, have a look on shaft no. 2 and see if it´s better or worse than other shafts. I´m sorry but English is not my native language, hope it´s understandable.

        But after all, you did a great job!

  2. Please can you add a 5 zone scoring option so I can add western and national rounds. Other than that this app is the best I have found on the market, thanks.

    • Hi,

      What do you mean by “5 zone scoring”? If you want to add a different target face, you should get me the specifications (each scoring zone size, points etc) of it. Currently there’s no way to add new target faces by user.

      • a normal fita face but gold is all 9, red all 7, blue all 5, black all 3 and white all 1. In the UK we follow ArcheryGB rules of shooting (aka GNAS) and shoot imperial rounds

      • Added GNAS Imperial target face. I don’t have time at the moment to search the rules document and find the round formats. So if you post the round types here, I’ll probably add them into the program.

        So if you want to use the new Imperial target face, you have to download the development version. Android market version definitely won’t be updated before June.

      • Just tested it and it works well. Thanks again for the quick response. I will put the rounds in myself because there are quite a Few variations, I believe there is a table of rounds in that link towards the back but no hurry for them.

  3. Excellent app.
    Can we have coloured number when using the scorepad method with them in order?
    X, 10, 9 in black with yellow background
    8 & 7 in black with red bakground
    6 and 5 in white with blue background
    4 and 3 in white with black background
    2 and 1 in black with white background
    M in white on green background

    And as requested before . . .

    Alternate scoring keypad
    9, 7, 5, 3, 1, M

    omitting the X 10 8 6 4 2 for us in the UK?

    • I’ll try to add a different layout keyboard for imperial rounds into the next update.

      Changing the color of individual keys cannot be done without doing a fully custom keyboard implementation. That is probably more work than it’s worth.

  4. Great thanks,

    Any chance of an option to change ALL key colours?
    I am seeing white text on a white background on my Motorola.

    thanks again


    • I have now updated the app. Please have a look at the app settings and enable the last option. That should resolve the white text on white background problem.

  5. Just about perfect now.
    All that is wanted is for the app to ignore all misses when calculating the group centre.

    Still looking for the donate button to remove adverts.

    All in all excellent work.


    • Ignoring all misses when calculating the group center looks doable. I’ll have to figure out how to make it a choice because there are probably situations where the misses should also affect grouping center.
      As for an ad-free version, I haven’t done one because my country is not yet supported in Google Play for selling apps. If I would make an ad-free version specifically for you, that would also mean that updating the app from Play would no longer be possible. Distributing a different version of the app doesn’t sound like fun either. Anyway, I have placed the ads into places where they shouldn’t disturb much. Imagine, if they were at the bottom of the scorecard. 🙂

  6. Pingback: Version 1.6 | ScoringHelper

  7. Excellent App!!

    Can you add in Round selection the option “2x18m Compound” for Indoor? It is like 2x18m but it does not use the X. It just use the smallest yellow circle with 10.

    • The app already supports 2x18m with compound scoring. It doesn’t have a separate template for that though. Instead, you should select the regular “2x18m” round preset and then ensure that the “Compound indoor scoring” checkboxes are ticked for both of the 18m distances.

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